To Begin, Begin.

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) (a.k.a: Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA)) 2016 is a uniting of 10 ASEAN countries, which are Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei, and Indonesia. AEC 2016 will bring a new era of economical cooperation to all 10 countries and it has already started to take effect in Indonesia, workers can go work anywhere in these countries. That means that the competition in the world economy and business is increasingly tight, It is a must for varsity students to be ready for facing this competitive era, as the implementation of the AEC and trade routes more widespread, there are still many Indonesian student who did not understand what was AEC, and what must be done in welcoming the AEC.

In the presence of AEC especially in Indonesia, all of the Indonesian are required to be more active, productive and competitive. Indonesia lags far behind major ASEAN countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. This indicates that Indonesia Varsity student need to improve their English skills to compete with other countries. Workers with better English skills will also help to improve the Indonesia economy and make the country more competitive. Therefore it is a very needed for Indonesia to improve their human resources, to be more competent, intelligent both competitive. The main basic in leading the competitive era is firstly in developing the language skills, due to speaking skills are required by the high standards of some countries in the regional bloc. Some ASEAN neighbours have even upped their English, and ASEAN language skills at schools and education centres in anticipation of facing the AEC, it is a must for Indonesia to prepare in facing this struggle. For example in human resources sector, if the fresh graduate of Indonesia are not able in basic, such as language skills and if it has not been preparing the strategy for it to develop their skill in it, Indonesian varsity student will absolutely lose the opportunities of this challenge and can’t be compete with other workers from other countries, even in Indonesia circle.

The strategy to face the AEC must be prepared and structured. From the moral values aspect in the individual, in mastering foreign languages, primary in English as international language. So, it is time for us, as the varsity students to stop complaining in developing our English-skill and paying more attention to face the world.-ANM



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